Saturday, May 18

Teachers sexually harassed or bullied at school: General Secretary of NASUWT



Sexual harassment and workplace bullying among teachers is rife, according to a new study.

A poll issued by the NASUWT (The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers) found 81 per cent of teachers had suffered sexual harassment or bullying in the workplace.

One in five (20 per cent) said they had been sexually harassed at school by a colleague, manager, parent or pupil since becoming a teacher.

Over half (51 per cent) have been subjected to inappropriate comments about sex, and 21 per cent have been sexually propositioned.

The figures were released as the NASUWT met for its annual conference in Birmingham on Saturday.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said: Whilst the scale of the sexual harassment is deeply disturbing, equally disturbing is the scale of the failure to act on the incidents that were reported.

The NASUWT will be using this survey to empower teachers to speak out. There can be no place in our schools for sexual harassment or bullying of staff.

Schools should be places of safety, yet research undertaken by the NASUWT is showing us that too often teachers are being exposed to sexualised comments and abuse from colleagues, managers, parents and pupils.

The Government must ensure its responsibility for ensuring that schools are safe environments is taken seriously.

National Education Union bosses have warned the government that British schools in England are facing a funding catastrophe.

The government has said core education funding will rise to £43.5bn by 2020.