Thursday, May 30

Britain deploys third warship to strictly enforce North Korea trade ban



The UK is to deploy a third warship to help enforce sanctions against North Korea.

Amphibious assault ship HMS Albion will join HMS Sutherland and HMS Argyll, which is due in the region later in the year to take part in exercises with Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The ships will enforce the UN ban on ship-to-ship transfers of goods destined for North Korea.

Several Chinese-registered ships have been seized for secretly siphoning off oil to North Korean ships in international waters over the past few months.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: Our Armed Forces are at the forefront of Global Britain, and the deployment of HMS Albion, Sutherland and Argyll demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our international responsibilities and to maintaining peace, security and prosperity in the region.

Despite recent diplomatic overtures towards South Korea and the US, strict sanctions remain in place against the North Korean regime, due to its nuclear weapons programme.

If it goes ahead the meeting will follow a summit between the leaders of North and South Korea on 27 April – only the third ever to be held between the two countries.

A date for the historic event was set last month, shortly after Mr Kim told China he was committed to denuclearisation during a trip to Beijing – his first foreign trip as North Korean leader.

The shift in tone around North Korean diplomacy has come as a surprise to many particularly since Mr Trump promised to bring “fire and fury” to the state if it continued with nuclear threats.