Wednesday, February 21

UK and France fail to agree scallop deal



British and French fishermen have failed to finalise a deal to end the scallop wars in the English Channel. British and French fishermen have failed to finalise a deal to end the scallop wars in the English Channel.

Industry leaders were unable to agree a compensation package during negotiations in Paris on Friday, which was aiming to cease recent skirmishes.

The basis of an agreement was formed in London this week, with small UK vessels pledging not to fish in the area of dispute during the period French laws prevented their counterparts.

But this was on the basis British crews would not lose out financially, and the price appeared to have been too high for the French during the latest discussions.

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) spokeswoman said further talks could be held next week.

We are making progress, she said. Discussions are continuing and we are looking at next steps.

British ships can legally forage in the disputed territory the Baie de Seine all year round.

An industry accord prevented UK vessels larger than 15 metres doing so too, but smaller ones could help themselves.

However, trouble flared last week when some 35 French boats confronted five British craft off the coast of northern France last week, with reports of rocks and smoke bombs being hurled at UK mariners.

Whether they can continue to uphold this will remain to be seen.