Friday, June 21

Pitbull kills family poodle and attacks owner after bursting into home



Luisa Cieslak said the dog began attacking her pet poodle Cha Cha after it entered through the open back door of her house in Wood Green, north London on 15 September.

As the 61-year-old tried to protect her pet the creature turned on her, sinking its teeth into her hands and leaving deep wounds.

Cha Cha died from her injuries.

Ms Cieslak, who suffers with angina, ileostomy and diabetes, told The Sun that it was the most terrifying moment of my life.

She added: I thought the dog was going to kill me.

After suffering cuts and ligament damage to her hands, Ms Cieslak said she didn’t believe they would ever be the same again.

She added that her 98-year-old mother was hospitalised with shock, while her daughter Belinda who was also present at the time of the attack said she felt like she was in a horror film.

London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed that the pitbull had been seized under the section 1 of the Dangerous Dog Act.

The dog remains in secure police kennels and inquiries continue into the incident. No arrests at this stage,a spokesperson for the force told The Independent.

The Pit Bull Terrier is one of the four dog breeds that are banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act due their aggressive natures.

The Japanese Tosa, the Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero are also prohibited because they were bred to hunt large animals.

In 2017, a record 7,719 people were admitted to hospital as a result of dog attacks.