Monday, February 26

Multiple injuries in utrecht attack



There are multiple injuries after a shooting in the Dutch city of Utrecht, police have said.

The shooting began at 10.45am local time when a gunman opened fire in a tram on 24 Oktoberplain, a square outside the city centre.

According to news website AD, the gunman then fled the scene. A number of trauma helicopters were sent to the area, police said, but it is unclear how many people have been taken to hospital.

Jimmy de Koster, who lives nearby, told RTV Utrecht that several shots had been fired and that he had seen a woman lying on the ground shouting: I didn’t do anything.

Mr De Koster said: I came from my job when it happened. I am standing at the traffic lights on 24 October Square and I see a woman lying down, I think she is between 20 and 35.

At that moment I heard pang pang pang three times, four men walked very fast towards her and they tried to drag her away and then I heard pang pang pang again and those guys let go of that woman again.