Wednesday, February 21

EU Completes no deal preparations



Brussels says it has completed its preparations for a no-deal Brexit and warned that it is increasingly likely that the UK will crash out.

In a statement released on Monday the European Commission said preparedness and contingency work, which it has been conducting since December 2017, was now finished.

The announcement comes days after EU leaders agreed to a request by Theresa May to extend the UK’s Brexit date though not by as long as she had asked for.

Article 50 has now been extended until April 12, meaning the UK will crash out without a deal if it does not pass the withdrawal agreement by then, secure a further extension, or unilaterally cancel the Brexit process.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Commission said: “While the European Union continues to hope that it will not be the case, this means that if the Withdrawal Agreement is not ratified by Friday 29 March, a ‘no-deal’ scenario may occur on 12 April.

The EU has prepared for this scenario and has remained united throughout its preparations. It is now important that everyone is ready for and aware of the practical consequences a ‘no-deal’ scenario brings.

The EU’s no-deal measures include temporary fixes for problems that would otherwise arise with with financial services, flights, freight, fisheries access, and the Erasmus programme.

The European Commission says it has published 90 preparedness notices, three Commission Communications, and has made 19 legislative proposals in order to deal with the possible consequences of a no-deal Brexit.