Tuesday, June 25

Pro Brexit protesters block Aldi store



Five Brexit supporters blocked off access to an Aldi store demanding for the UK leaves the EU now. The group arrived to the store in Neston, Wirral, in cars and camper vans to block the road.

Waving British flags and wrapping themselves in the Union Jack, the protesters shouted this is Brexit and we are here.

Footage shows the men and women parked their vehicles directly across the busy road, used for trucks delivering goods to the depot.

After the protesters were spotted, people took to social media to warn others of the roadblock, while some joked about the irony of their protest, reports the Liverpool Echo .

One man wrote on Twitter: They have blocked the road to a German supermarket distribution centre because they ‘don’t want German they want Brexit…. with a German motorhome.

One person on Facebook joked: That’s going to make all the difference while another said: Protesting lower prices….. what a bunch of prize plums.

Meanwhile a Twitter user wrote that their son’s truck was “stuck outside the depot” as the roadblock caused disruption to workers.

Many others were also left scratching their heads as to what the group’s intentions were with the protest.
The UK was due to leave the EU on April 12 however no deal has yet been secured after MPs repeatedly rejected Ms May’s deal.

The 27 remaining EU member states are now offering to extend the Brexit deadline until October 31, with a break clause of June 30 where British co-operation will be reviewed.