Saturday, December 4

Royals job could cost taxpayer £1m



Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s security bill to move to Africa could reach £1 million a year, it is claimed.

Harry’s advisers are reportedly working to create a role that capitalises on the couple’s ‘rock star’ status, that could see the pair move to the continent for up to three years.

But such a move would require a dedicated team of Metropolitan Police Royal protection officers each to accompany them, The Sun reports. Their as-yet unborn baby would also be entitled to its own security, the paper adds.

These security details could come with a hefty price tag, met by the British tax payer.

A security consultant estimates that could be in the region of £750,000 a year, according to The Sun, with a further £250,000 to cover travel, medical and insurance costs for staff.

Former Scotland Yard commander John O’Connor has raised concerns about safety, and called for the family to help meet the cost.

Southern Africa is not safe by any means and Islamic State have strongholds across the continent, he told the newspaper.

It’s only right that the Royal Family themselves contribute towards the security costs of protecting Harry and Meghan when they are there.

Meghan sees the role as hugely exciting and something that could affect real change.

The Duchess has long been an advocate of global causes, she has worked with the United Nations and charities such as World Vision across Africa and India.