Wednesday, February 21

How much you’ll get paid at the UK’s highest paying companies



What does your friend who works at Facebook actually get paid? How about that woman from your class who joined Deutsche Bank and has since risen through the ranks? Most of us keep our salaries a secret, even from those we’re close with.

But increasingly, current and former employees are sharing reams of information anonymously on crowdsourced sites like Glassdoor and Emolument, including what they really think of their employer and how much they earn.

The interest in other people’s pay packets is often intense. When Ask A Manager, a popular workplace advice site, invited users last month to anonymously fill in a spreadsheet declaring their salary, thousands responded.

For the third time, Glassdoor’s UK division has revealed the salary ranking for the country’s top-paying firms. Banks Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Standard Chartered are all in the top five payers, as well as Facebook, and software maker SAP.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that finance and tech firms dominate the list, but the specifics of what those companies have to pay to lure talented people through their doors is still eye-opening.

All the salaries in the lists are self-reported on Glassdoor’s platform, where current and former employees can post reviews of their companies, endorse or complain about them, and share pay information. That’s not a perfect measure, but does give some indication of what companies are paying.

To compile the report, Glassdoor looked at all salary reports between March 2018 and the end of February 2019, including only companies with at least 30 salary reports in GBP by UK-based employees.

It’s possible to report base salary only on Glassdoor, but for this list the company only included workers who also reported other forms of compensation, such as bonuses. That’s an an optional field, but it makes for a fuller picture.

Here’s the full 2019 list:

Company Median Total Compensation (£)
Credit Suisse 90,000
SAP 90,000
Deutsche Bank 89,500
Facebook 89,000
Standard Chartered 85,000
Salesforce 85,000
Dell 84,825
Oracle 80,000
UBS 79,000
Google 78,000
Goldman Sachs 74,000
Cisco Systems 72,250
McKinsey & Company 70,000
Bank of America 70,000
Microsoft 68,000
Investec 67,500
Just Eat 65,000
Société Générale 66,500
Babylon Health 65,000
BlackRock 65,000
Morgan Stanley 64,000
Veritas 62,500
Rackspace 62,500
Octopus 61,500
Bloomberg L.P. 61,000

Glassdoor doesn’t seek to confirm the ballpark salaries it lists with employers. Because all salaries are self-reported, it’s very unlikely that high-end salaries like those of the CEO would be included. We use median rather than mean (average) so that the figures would not be skewed by unusual outliers, such as a very high salary, said Joe Wiggins, Glassdoor’s director of communications.

With this report, we are trying to help jobseekers work out which companies pay the most, and very few people are ever going to earn a CEO salary, so that would not be much help to the vast majority of employees.

The previous list, released in 2017, identified just the top 10 UK companies. That list included some of the same names, but banks Nomura, Macquarie Group, and Royal Bank of Canada were also in the rankings.