Sunday, July 14

Corbyn says PM wants Brexit for his rich friends



Labour declared class war on Boris Johnson today as Jeremy Corbyn accused him of wanting Brexit for his ‘rich friends’.

The Labour leader played down claims he was ‘yellow’ for blocking the PM’s call for a snap election – saying he would not back a poll on ‘Johnson’s terms’.

Meanwhile, the party’s union paymaster Len McCluskey ramped up the rhetoric even further by raging that the ‘workers are coming for you’ in an extraordinary rant at the TUC conference in Brighton.

The vicious attacks came after Mr Johnson suffered his latest disastrous defeat in the Commons – with MPs refusing his plea for a snap election.

Labour is now threatening to delay a national poll until well into December in a bid to destroy Mr Johnson’s ‘do or die’ vow to deliver Brexit by October 31.

A rebel law passed by MPs and peers means he must beg Brussels for an extension if he has not sealed an agreement by October 19 – something he has said he will never do.

Mr Johnson seemingly ruled out resigning over the next few weeks last night as he raged at ‘yellow belly’ Mr Corbyn for blocking an election, saying he would go to a crunch EU summit on October 17 and try to reach an agreement in the ‘national interest’.

But addressing the TUC conference this morning, the Labour leader said an election was ‘coming’.

‘No-one can trust the word of a Prime Minister who is threatening to break the law to force through no-deal,’ he said.

‘So a general election is coming. But we won’t allow Johnson to dictate the terms.