Monday, July 15

Britain reveals plan to break Brexit deal deadlock



Britain has submitted some written documents to the EU to try and break the Brexit deadlock.

A UK government spokesperson confirmed the “confidential technical non-papers which reflect the ideas the UK has been putting forward” were shared with Brussels.

They added: “We will table formal written solutions when we are ready, not according to an artificial deadline, and when the EU is clear that it will engage constructively on them as a replacement for the backstop.”

It is understood the non-papers, which mean informal proposals used to inform discussions, focus on customs and manufactured goods.

Technical discussions will now take place between Britain and the EU, with talks between Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay and Brussels’ chief negotiator Michel Barnier to follow tomorrow.

Earlier, Finland’s prime minister said Britain had until the end of September to reveal its proposals or “it’s over”.

It marks the first moment Britain has shared any written plans for how it plans to get a new Brexit deal with the EU since Boris Johnson took over as prime minister.

The government has been wary of putting anything in writing for fear it will be leaked and rejected by Brussels.

Cabinet minister Grant Shapps told Sky News earlier on Thursday that: “What used to happen with [former prime minister] Theresa May is she would put something in writing, they would then shoot it all down and you’d be back to square one.

“We’re not falling into the trap of playing that game.