Wednesday, February 21

41 migrants discovered in a truck in Greece



After the shocking episode of 23 October last, where 39 migrants were found dead in a refrigerated truck in the Essex, in United Kingdom, the controversy over human trafficking by earth is rekindled.

This time they would be 41 the immigrants found irregular in a container in conditions at the limit of suffocation: a discovery, that of the Greek Police, which took place in the city of Xanthi .

Most men of Afghan origin and with an age ranging from 20 to 30 years she was hospitalized due to the numerous respiratory problems presented at the time of discovery of the vehicle.

To relaunch the news the local media Ekathimerini: initially there was talk of 80 people found in the truck.

The driver arrested

Arrested near Thessaloniki , where the discovery took place, the Georgian driver, suspected of being a human trafficker. A second man was sought after, of Turkish origin, who was inside the vehicle and who for now is not traceable.

According to the first information released, the Police local would have stopped the tir for a check on the Egnatia highway, when the terrible discovery would have occurred: 41 migrants crammed together, with the refrigeration system not in operation.

Followed by updates on the escape of the second man who is still sought after