Wednesday, February 21

Leaders caught mocking Trump



Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson have all been caught on a hot mic at the Buckingham Palace NATO reception Tuesday evening, appearing to gossip about Donald Trump and an impromptu lengthy press conference.

In a clip being widely shared online the three world leaders seem to be discussing why the French President was late during the London summit, held to mark the alliance’s 70th anniversary.  Princess Anne also appears to be in the discussion but the royal remains silent throughout the conversation.

None of the men mention Trump by name but Trudeau seems to be referring to the US president’s lengthy talks with the media throughout Tuesday.

British Prime Minister Johnson asks: Is that why you were late?  Taking a swig of his drink Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau shoots back: He was late because he takes a 40 minute press conference off the top.

A timeline of the US president’s day at the NATO summit shows Trump first met with Macron on Tuesday at 2pm GMT.  At 2:20pm the two opened their meeting to the press. By 3:30pm Trump held a bilateral meeting with Trudeau.

The video being shared online then cuts to a later clip, which is without context, where Trudeau adds: You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor. He then motions as if his jaw is dropping. It is not known if Trump is the focus of that comment as the video has been edited.

The clip was first shared by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The world leaders were all in London Tuesday for a summit to mark the alliance’s 70th anniversary.

Trump was joined by first Lady Melania and the couple were pictured talking to the Queen and with Prince Charles and Camilla at the same event.

POTUS had earlier needled Macron about accepting captured ISIS fighters offering to give them to you during the  heated and lengthy joint news conference Trudeau appears to be referring to.

Trump’s Macron meeting was one of three bilateral sit-downs where he spoke and fielded questions from reporters for a total of two hours, flooding the media landscape on a week when House Democrats are proceeding with impeachment at home.