Wednesday, February 21

Three quarters of Britons think UK is on wrong track



A new study has shown that over three-quarters of British citizens are worried the country is heading into decline.

The study, titled “What Worries the World” and conducted by Ipsos, is a monthly online survey of adults aged under 65 in various countries around the world, including Britain.

According to the results, number one factor that worries Brits the most is crime & violence.

At 35 percent it is now the joint greatest concern for Britons despite a 6-point drop from the previous month, with Britain 8th of 28 countries most concerned in this area.

The joint leading worry this month was healthcare, although it has fallen a marginal two points from the previous month.

Poverty/social inequality follows as the third most mentioned anxiety by 30 percent of respondents, while climate change, at 25 percent, is now a top five concern.

Britain now ranks in 4th place of the 28 countries surveyed on this measure. Terrorism (24%) is the fifth most cited concern by Britons with the score in line with recent trends.

Commenting on the findings, Keiran Pedley said: Levels of pessimism about Britain’s national direction continue to be extremely high when compared to other countries.

In fact, since the series started in May 2011, levels of pessimism have never been higher in Britain than they are now in mid-2019. The current political turmoil and Brexit impasse are likely to be significant contributing factors to the negative mood but our data shows that other factors are at play too.

Issues around crime, healthcare and poverty continue to worry Britons but it is also noticeable that concern about Climate Change is at record levels.