Wednesday, February 21

The maps show how much Labour has lost in the 2010s



Side-by-side maps of UK constituencies at the start and end of the 2010s show a clear picture of how Labour’s support has eroded over the decade.

Labour faces a major rebuilding job in the 2020s, starting with the election of a new leader in the New Year.

The two maps available under Creative Commons – show how the Conservatives have made gains in northern England and Wales, while Labour has also lost a huge amount of ground to the SNP in Scotland.

They are a stark representation of Labour’s failure in the last four elections, having only gained seats once, in 2017.

Labour leadership candidates and MPs expected to run have been making suggestions on how the party can make up these losses and win a future election.

Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, said Labour had little differences but added on Good Morning Britain yesterday: Having a new leader gives us a chance to turn a corner and to all pull together.

She has confirmed her candidacy, with Clive Lewis also expected to run.

Writing in the Guardian, the former shadow business secretary said: The truth is that to change our country, we have to change ourselves.

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer, who is considering running, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: We need to build on that rather than simply say Let’s now oversteer and go back to some bygone age. We need to build on that radicalism.

Rebecca Long-Bailey is also expected to stand.

She has written in the Guardian: Leadership means leading a team, working with every part of our movement and using all our party’s talents to fight the Conservatives at every turn and map Labour’s route back to power.

Millions woke up to a nightmare on December 13. It’s our duty to make sure that doesn’t happen again.