Wednesday, February 21

Millions begin home working



Millions of workers across the country have today started to work from home in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, leaving empty carriages on trains and spacious roads up and down the UK.

Many workers based in London this morning snubbed public transport and a District Line tube had just a handful of passengers on what would usually be a packed train.

This is while London Euston, a station that connects London to other areas of the country such as Birmingham, Glasgow and Chester was also quiet with just a handful of people roaming around outside.

So far in the UK coronavirus has killed 35 people and there have been 1,372 confirmed cases and official guidance has recommended that people should implement social distancing where possible.

While stations such as Waterloo and Euston were quiet the Central Line was still busy this morning and those commuting from places such as Epping were still packing out the trains.

On the roads the M11 in Cambridge this morning was noticeably less busy as a result of many people not going into work.

It was reported last week that 20 million out of 33 million people out of the British workforce could technically work from home.

Many businesses up and down the country had already given many the option to work from home, while some buildings had closed last week due to possible cases of the virus.

Yesterday high street retailer Urban Outfitters announced that it would close it’s doors to consumers until further notice.