Wednesday, February 21

British asian nurse in a critical condition in Walsall hospital



Mother-of-three Areema Nasreen is in a critical condition in a Walsall hospital where she has worked for the past 16 years.

A 36-year-old NHS nurse, with no underlying health issues, is fighting for her life in hospital after contracting coronavirus. Areema Nasreen is on a ventilator in intensive care in Walsall Manor Hospital in the West Midlands where she has worked for the past 16 years.

On Friday, she tested positive for the highly contagious respiratory disease COVID-19, which has infected more than 300,000 people worldwide.

A doctor at the hospital confirmed to Sky News that his colleague was very sick and in a critical condition.

He added: I can’t confirm much but I can say she deteriorated within the space of 24 hours and is in ITU [intensive treatment unit]. I agree we need awareness regarding this so people realise the role the NHS is playing and risking themselves.

The mother-of-three developed symptoms 10 days ago, starting with body aches, a high temperature and then a cough.