Friday, June 21

Tax rises certain post virus



A police and crime commissioner has criticised the Government’s decision to reopen bars on a Saturday , warning of a “likely threat of serious disorder” as coronavirus lockdown measures are relaxed.

The intervention from David Jamieson, the elected commissioner for the West Midlands Police area, came as Boris Johnson was accused of being “blind to the risks of easing lockdown”.

Sir Keir Starmer claimed the Prime Minister had “brushed away serious concerns” and decided to relax measures without the “world-beating” test, track and trace system that he had previously promised .

Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan has warned that London needs more powers to ensure a Leicester-style local lockdown can be enforced if necessary, amid warnings of a “second wave” of coronavirus hitting the capital.

Scientists have warned of more local lockdowns in parts of Kent, London, north Wales and Scotland, where weekly infections have been increasing.