Tuesday, November 30

Shops and police at odds



Supermarkets and police are already at loggerheads over enforcing new mandatory face covering rules in England shops, which came into effect today and carry a penalty of a £100 fine.

Major chains like Sainsbury’s, Costa Coffee and Co-op said they will not impose the laws on customers, with Asda insisting: It is the responsibility of the relevant authorities to police and enforce the new rules.

But the national chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales John Apter has now urged shops to refuse entry to anyone not wearing a face mask and that police intervention should be a last resort.

He said: It is our members who are expected to police what is a new way of living and I would urge retail outlets to play their part in making the rules crystal clear; if you are not wearing a face covering then you are not coming in.

It comes as the Government faces widespread criticism for varied messaging, following weeks of confusion. Ministers are under fire for the short notice clarification on wearing face coverings in takeaways, which came just a day before the new laws came into effect.