Friday, June 21

Biden slams Trump over fraud claim



Joe Biden’s campaign has launched a searing attack on Donald Trump after he pledged to contest the election in the courts.

In a subdued and seemingly unscripted speech this morning the US President claimed with no evidence that a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise his voters.

He then went on to claim he had won the election, despite many states not declaring their results, and said he would go to the Supreme Court to get all voting to stop.

Millions of ballots which were legally cast before the election deadline passed have yet to be counted and could prove crucial in determining who has won the race.

This morning Biden’s campaign said it has legal teams standing by if Trump follows through with his threat to go to court to try to stop the counting of votes.

If the president makes good on his threat to go to court to try to prevent the proper tabulation of votes, we have legal teams standing by ready to deploy to resist that effort, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a statement.

She went on: It was outrageous because it is a naked effort to take away the democratic rights of American citizens.

It was unprecedented because never before in our history has a president of the United States sought to strip Americans of their voice in a national election.

Having encouraged Republican efforts in multiple states to prevent the legal counting of these ballots before Election Day, now Donald Trump is saying these ballots can’t be counted after Election Day either. And it was incorrect because it will not happen. The counting will not stop.

It will continue until every duly cast vote is counted. Because that is what our laws the laws that protect every Americans’ constitutional right to vote require.

We repeat what the Vice President said tonight: Donald Trump does not decide the outcome of this election.

Joe Biden does not decide the outcome of this election. The American people decide the outcome of this election. And the democratic process must and will continue until its conclusion.

For months Trump has been sowing the seeds of doubt about the result of election by claiming, without evidence, that absentee ballots opened up the election to fraud.

His threats to go to the Supreme Court despite the fact that the result could still legitimately go in his favour – will alarm Democrats.