Tuesday, August 16

Forger arrested after liking wanted poster on Facebook



The 23-year old man, wanted on forgery charges, was arrested after he “liked” the local his wanted poster on the Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook page.

Reardon was one of the most wanted local criminals, having been accused of stealing a wallet and cashing forged cheques.

Police, who had been stumped in their efforts to find him, turned to social media to enlist the public’s help.

They were perhaps slightly surprised to find a “like” posting from Levi Charles Reardon.

Apparently he realised he had made a mistake and tried to scrub his posting.

However the Great Falls Tribune had already grabbed a screenshot and Reardon was arrested a week ago.

Facebook has been the downfall of a few would-be criminal masterminds in the US who might be well advised to choose another line of work.

Chris Crego of Lockport, New York was on the run from police after failing to show up for a sentencing hearing.

Crego might have lasted longer as a fugitive if he had not assiduously updated his Facebook page to show that he had moved to Terre Haute, Indiana.

Michael Baker might of Jenkins, Kentucky have got away with siphoning petrol from a police car had he not posted a picture of the deed on his Facebook Page.

Then there was Maxi Sopo who had defrauded several Seattle Banks out of $200,000, before fleeing to Cancun.

He was arrested after posting beach shots on his Facebook page and sentenced to 33 months in prison.