Thursday, December 7

One million Tube commuters will fall asleep



Research found a fifth of Londoners taking the Tube home after a Christmas party have dozed off and missed their stop.

This year’s numbers are set to peak on November 16 as it is the most popular night for Christmas parties in the capital.

The study by app-based insurer Back Me Up found that snoozing past the right stop has cost the nation as a whole an eye-watering £63 million.

Furthermore, 12 per cent of Londoners have had items stolen on public transport because they were asleep, with a handbag the most common.

One in eight of those who wake up at the end of the line are brave enough to wait for the first train or bus home, while the remainder call a friend or relative nearby (7 per cent) or book a hotel (3 per cent).

Paul Lynes, Managing Director at Back Me Up, said: “We’ve all done it – had a few too many and then woken up at the end of the line, with getting home proving tricky, especially if you’ve missed the last train.

Whilst you’re letting your hair down, make sure you keep your stuff safe to avoid being one of the 18 per cent of Brits who end up losing something. You don’t want an expensive replacement bill, as well as losing your pride.

But snoozing on the Tube is not the most common office Christmas party misdemeanour, according to the festive study.

Instead, kissing a colleague took the number one spot, with taking part in a dance-off, trying it on with a colleague and telling your boss you love them all in the top ten.