Tuesday, May 28

Tony Blair predicts new Brexit referendum



The former Prime Minister dismissed the Government’s claim of a new unity and purpose after the Chequers away day arguing the Cabinet was still trying to have cake and eat it.

Mr Blair said there were still irreconcilable differences between ministers and, just as crucially, no majority in Parliament for any of the many proposed versions of Brexit.

There is a real possibility of an impasse in Parliament, he told BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme

In those circumstances, Mr Blair said, the case is ever more stronger for this going back to people to allow them a final say in the deal that is actually agreed by the Government.

Arguing the Commons is key, he added: I think it is increasingly unlikely that they are going to get a proposition through the House of Commons.

If they can’t, at that point, they are faced with a choice between an election and a referendum.

The arch-Remain supporter also dismissed any chance of the EU agreeing to the Government’s proposal for managed divergence from Brussels regulations.

I will be really interested to see that deal, Mr Blair said. I literally don’t understand what they mean. This is cake and eat it.

He also launched a fierce attack on senior Conservatives who are undermining the Good Friday Agreement that had brought peace to Northern Ireland apparently viewing it as an obstacle to Brexit.

It is not just alarming but sickening that people are seriously now saying that it doesn‘t matter if the Good Friday Agreement stays or it doesn’t stay,’ Mr Blair warned.