Sunday, December 5

Corbyn declares Labour is ready to take power and rebuild Britain



Jeremy Corbyn set out plans to rebuild Britain as he declared Labour is ready to win a general election and lead us into Brexit and beyond.

The Labour leader is ready to deliver his alternative plan for leaving the EU and to head a government for the many, not the few.

Labour could press for a vote of no-confidence in the Government as soon as this week, as a poll put it five points ahead of the Tories.

It came as pressure increased from within the Prime Minister’s inner circle to call a general election and end the Brexit deadlock.

Mr Corbyn told the Mirror: We’re ready for a general election, whenever it comes. Labour has an alternative Brexit plan and we are ready to deliver it.

But he added: An election must be about the future of our country, not just Brexit.

Vowing to rebuild and transform Britain, he said: “A general election would give us the chance to remove this incompetent and failed Tory government.

Whether people voted Leave or Remain, they face problems of falling living standards, rising job insecurity and cuts to essential services across the country. Labour will bring people together.

Polling placed Labour on 41%, the Tories on 36%. If repeated at an election, it would leave just 264 Tory MPs, with 307 for Labour.

Although that would leave Mr Corbyn 19 seats short of an overall majority, it would make him the best placed to form a Government.

He said: We take nothing for granted and understand the disappointment the public has with politics.

The likelihood of Theresa May calling an election appeared to grow last week, after her deal was rejected for the third time.

Top No10 aides, including media chief Robbie Gibb, were understood to be pressing Mrs May to call an election. But if she fails to do so, Labour could trigger one if they win a vote of no confidence. Their last bid in January failed by just 19 votes.

Mr Corbyn would then have two weeks to form a government on his own, before an election is automatically triggered.