Saturday, December 4

PM axes two-metre rule



Boris Johnson is expected to announce the first steps to lifting the coronavirus restrictions in the hospitality sector while the number of deaths in England and Wales has fallen to the lowest weekly level since lockdown was imposed.

The Prime Minister is likely to confirm that museums, galleries and cinemas will be added to the list of venues that are allowed to reopen from July 4. Mr Johnson is also set to reveal the results of a review into the two-metre social distancing rule in the Commons on Tuesday.

It is predicted that the distance will be cut to one metre, paving the way for more businesses – such as pubs, bars and restaurants – to emerge from lockdown.

Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics has said that a total of 1,114 death certificates mentioned coronavirus in the week ending on June 12, down 474 (30 per cent) on the 1,588 in the previous week. This means for the first time since lockdown, there was no increase in deaths in any age group.