Monday, November 29

Fully vaccinated travellers from US and EU will be exempt from quarantine

Full vaccinated travellers coming from the United States and the European Union will be exempt from having to quarantine on arrival in England, ministers have decided.

The policy change came at a top-level Covid meeting on Wednesday afternoon. It was reported overnight that Boris Johnson is concerned that the EU is enabling international travel faster than the UK, and that Britain is squandering its vaccine bonus.

Under existing rules, people who have been fully vaccinated in the UK do not need to isolate when travelling back from amber list countries – with the exception of France. But this exemption does not apply to people who have been vaccinated abroad. As a result, people arriving in the UK have to quarantine on arrival.

This has limited the appeal of international tourism, but also impacted British nationals living abroad who want to visit their famlies back in the UK. The decision by ministers on Wednesday applies only to England, with the other devolved nations of the UK able to make their own decisions on the matter.