Monday, November 29

Taliban enter Afghan capital Kabul

A Taliban spokesman has said the militant group is awaiting an incoming peaceful transition of power from Afghanistan’s current government.

Speaking to the BBC, Suhail Shaheen said the insurgents expected the process to take place within the next few days. He also claimed the incoming regime would respect [the] rights of women, but conceded they would be forced to wear the hijab.

It comes after forces at Bagram air base, which is home to a prison housing 5,000 inmates, including Isis fighters, surrendered to the Taliban on Sunday, according to an Afghan official. The site’s district chief Darwaish Raufi told the AP news agency that the one-time American base had been handed over to the insurgents with little resistance.

Meanwhile, arrangements are said to be in the making for Sir Laurie Bristow, the British ambassador to Afghanistan, to be airlifted out of the country by Monday evening. The diplomat had been rumoured to stay put in Kabul International Airport but, according to a report in The Sunday Telegraph, officials decided Sir Laurie should return to the UK.