Tuesday, June 25

Social Welfare Minister regrets remarks against journos

Mohsin regrets remarks against journos

News Desk: Social Welfare Minister Syed Mohsin Ali today expressed his deep regret for making angry remarks at journalists at a meeting in Sylhet.

In a statement, he said: “My attention has been drawn to the news of angry remarks passed by me at the Sylhet Zila Parishad auditorium to mark the World Indigenous Day”.

“My remarks were not aimed at all journalists. I believe, journalism is a noble profession. Those involved in the profession are honest and courageous. Many eminent journalists of the country are my personal friends,” he said.

Mohsin Ali said, “On that particular day, as I strode towards the rostrum, I heard some journalists making fun of the honorable prime minister and the finance minster. I found that irritating and in a sudden spate of anger I made some bad remarks aimed at some local journalists. I was hurt to see that being highly publicised by the print and electronic media.”

“My remarks were aimed at one or two local journalists- those who have distorted my remarks over the last few days. But I am sorry to see that the country’s journalist community has been hurt by it,” he said.

The minister said: “If my inadvertent words have hurt any journalist then I sincerely regret it. I believe, my statement will clarify my position and bring an end to all misunderstanding.”

“I will appreciate if my statement is covered adequately by the print and electronic media,” he added.

Journalists are “dirty chaps and of bad character”, he said at the discussion yesterday.

At one point, the minister also told the photojournalists not to take his photos and also asked the newsmen to leave the venue.

The minister came up with his regrets hours after journalist leaders termed him “mentally imbalanced” and demanded his immediate arrest for making inappropriate remarks against the journalists.