Wednesday, July 6

Judge being held to account

Judge being held to account

Will restore judiciary’s image

News Desk: THE Chief Justice deserves compliments for initiating action against a recently retired judge who, reportedly, dispensed hurried judgments immediately prior to his retirement to the extent that he disposed of 20 cases between 4 and 10 days and set free all the accused of 20 cases. No wonder it is judges like Faruk Ahmed who taint the image of the judiciary by abjuring the norms of trial process causing miscarriage of justice.

While we appreciate the CJ’s action we feel that ex-Judge Faruk Ahmed’s case may just be the tip of the iceberg which merits the CJ’s immediate attention, and we urge him to use the weight of his office to go deeper into the functioning of the entire judiciary, particularly the lower judiciary, whose working has come in for critical appraisal of international watchdogs like the TI (B) from time to time.

Sometimes the media has been undeservedly accused of demeaning the judiciary. We want to humbly state that it has never been the intention of the media to denigrate the judiciary, which remains the last resort of the general public for redressal of their complaints. On the contrary it is the likes of the former judge that the media want to expose through objective reporting.

Needless to say, the image of the judiciary receives setbacks from time to time because of the way judges like Faruk Ahmed distort the process with ulterior motives that do nothing to serve the cause of justice. And it is by holding such people to account can the image of the judiciary be restored, as will be the inevitable result of the CJ’s action.