Wednesday, July 6

Voted above law

Voted above law!!

Stop the bad practice immediately

THIS is possible only in a country like Bangladesh. And we have written on this issue umpteen times and will continue ad nauseam to do so until this brazen and rank bad practice of violating traffic rules in a brazenfaced manner is stopped completely.

It is not ministers only that violate rules of the road. It is anybody who is somebody and owning a large vehicle violates traffic rules with impunity. Thursday’s issue of this paper carried several pictures showing government vehicles belonging to functionaries of various denominations and a university bus to boot going merrily along on the wrong side of the road without any regard for other vehicles. And in one instance seeing a minister’s car bend the law, many private vehicles followed his suit.

It seems that the ministers and other functionaries are always in a hurry. And the police escort vehicle with similar disregard for not only to public convenience but also to public safety waving aside the oncoming vehicles traveling on their right side of the road to make room for the wayward ministers’ cars.

We have often times read how the British Bobby had penalized members of the Royal family for not abiding by traffic rules. The heir to the British throne had to cough up money as fine for over speeding.

We have written several times in this column that if the ministers are in a hurry they should start for their appointment early and not behave like they own the roads to do as they like. Nobody is above the law and unless this despicably bad practice is stopped forthwith the shambolic traffic system will be in a greater shambles.

Source: Editorial, Daily Star