Wednesday, July 6

US advocates inclusive democracy in Bangladesh

 US advocates strong and inclusive democracy in Bangladesh, United States’ Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal said today.

“We do believe Bangladesh’s strength is democracy and for that we are partnering with Bangladesh on that aspect,” she said in a pre-departure press conference at American Club in Dhaka this afternoon.

Asked about the US’s latest position on January 5 elections, Biswal said it is the people of Bangladesh who determine the timetable of the polls.

“We support political dialogue… we expect responsibilities from all political parties to face political events with responsibly and peacefully,” she added.

Biswal arrived in Dhaka on November 27 for a three-day visit to Bangladesh.

During her visit, she met with government officials, opposition leaders, trade union leaders and members of the civil society.