Wednesday, May 25

Man Blames Women’s Lib For Missed Train In Sexist Tube Rant



A male commuter launched into a “massive sexist rant” after missing a packed train on the London Underground during rush hour.

The man, who was in his late 50s, was running for a train at Stockwell station, but was blocked by a young woman who was letting other people on the carriage, so that she could be first on the next train.

The man subsequently missed his train and started “having a go” at the woman, who was in her 20s.

Abi Brookman, a 25-year-old trainee accountant, was on the platform at the time and said: “He was being very aggressive and demanding she apologise, she refused. Another woman started defending her and telling him to chill out because another Tube would be along in one minute.”

This only angered the man further, who launched into an anti-women tirade, saying: “This would never have happened without Women’s Lib!”

When a group of women, including Brookman, confronted him about his comments, he reportedly shouted: “You heard me – you aren’t deaf. You should be home and not getting the Tube at all.”

Brookman told HuffPost UK Lifestyle: “The man was aggressive but I didn’t feel personally threatened as it wasn’t directed at me, but he was being deliberately intimidating and obviously frustrated that the woman was standing up for herself.

“I read on the internet all the time about sexism like this still existing, but I have never seen misogyny outright like this before or heard someone talk about women like that.”

Speaking to the Evening Standard, TFL’s director of enforcement Steve Burton called the man’s outburst “unacceptable”.

“All our customers have the right to travel without abuse from other passengers,” he said. “This unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

“If you experience anything that makes you feel uncomfortable please report it to the police or a member of staff.”