Wednesday, May 25

Bus driver gives a homeless man a £5 note – has his generosity rewarded by good samaritan



Stephen Humphris, from Liverpool, spotted the elderly homeless man struggling in the rain, before he stopped his number 86 bus and gave him a £5 note.

Mr Humphris then asked his passenger Faris Khalifa to hand over the donation to the man.

Mr Khalifa told the Liverpool Echo: “The driver’s actions impacted upon me greatly.

“It was a Friday night – windy and cold with horizontal rain.

“He called me over, handed me a £5 note and asked me to give it to an elderly homeless man across the street. It was the most amazing thing.”

Later that week, My Khalifa got in touch with several businesses in Liverpool to see if he could somehow repay Mr Humphris for his kindness.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “Everyone I spoke to, without hesitation, donated the coolest things ever.”

He managed to get people to donate a bottle of rum, a basket of cheese, two membership cards a bar tab and a voucher for dinner for two.

“There are people out there who are infinitely less fortunate. He [Mr Humphries] made mine and many other people’s day,” he added. “I thought he should be rewarded.”