Thursday, May 19

Violent clashes break out on the streets of Calais Jungle



Migrants armed with bats and clubs clashed during a mass brawl in Paris hours after authorities cleared an illegal camp.

Men brandishing makeshift weapons and attacked one another during running street battles near Stalingrad subway station on Monday night.

The cause of the fight remains unknown but comes in the wake of an influx of thousands of migrants in Paris following the destruction of the Calais “Jungle” camp.

Riot police were forced to push migrants back into an emergency cordon which sparked retaliations as tensions boiled over on the streets of the French capital earlier that day.

The flashpoint came hours after police cleared away some tents belonging to Afghan migrants along a canal amid Government efforts to tackle the refugee crisis.

Shikhali Mirzai, a young man who said he arrived in Paris from Afghanistan five days ago, said he did not understand why the police are destroying their tents.

He said: “Where are these people going to sleep? It’s very cold. It’s very cold. This isn’t a life, it’s an animal’s life.”

While charity worker Houssam El Assimi, of local aid group La Chappelle Debout, held a sign reading “No to police raids against migrants”.

Monday’s operation is believed to be the 27th in the city in which police sort people based on whether they have papers and the right to seek asylum.

Authorities say they have cleared out more than 19,000 migrants from Paris since June last year.

Meanwhile in Calais, authorities are finishing up the dismantling of the “Jungle” which has come to epitomise Europe’s migrant crisis.