Saturday, August 20

TV channel female interpreter sex attack in Calais Jungle



French police search through migrants’ tents at the Jungle migrant camp before authorities demolish the site Three Afghan migrants were in custody in Paris on Thursday night on suspicion of raping a mother-of-two in the Calais Jungle.

The men face criminal charges for the alleged attack on the 38-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on October 18th.

The 38-year-old is herself an Afghan who was working as an interpretor for the France 5 TV channel.

She was part of a team who were shooting a documentary about unaccompanied minors and child sex abuse in the notorious shantytown.

The woman was bundled to the ground and attacked as the two other assailants restrained her colleague, a 42-year-old male freelance reporter.

Prosecutors confirmed the men had, like many residents of the former shantytown, made their way to the French capital following its destruction last week.

They were all arrested in a centre for foreign workers in Rungis, in the southern suburbs of the French capital, on Wednesday.

Pascal Marconville, the prosecutor in nearby Boulogne-sur-Mer, who is leading the investigation, said the victim was examined by a forensics doctor, who took samples to try and determine the genetic profile of the rapist.

The victim also helped produce a portrait of her attackers, even though they had scarves around their faces and were hard to see in the darkness.

But Mr Marconville told French news agency AFP that the three men – aged 30 to 35 – were provably in the Calais Jungle at the time.

Last month, Mr Marconville said: ‘Three individuals speaking Pashtun were around the camp borders.

‘To begin with they stole the film team’s equipment. One of them then raped the interpreter at knifepoint while the other two, also armed with knives, restrained the journalist.’

The rape victim is a fluent Pashtun speaker from Paris, where she lives with her husband and children.

The France 5 team were ‘highly experienced’ and had been researching a documentary for ‘several months,’ said Mr Marconville.

After the rape, the pair managed to escape, and went straight to Calais police station, where they gave witness statements. The woman was then treated in hospital.

While 5000 ex residents of the Jungle have been bused to official resettlement centres around France, many more have headed off independently, and still want to get to the UK to claim asylum.

Up to 4000 migrants are currently sleeping rough in the Paris area, where the authorities have again pledged to raze their camps.

Violence has broken out at night between rival gangs fighting turf wars, while local residents complain about increasingly unhygienic conditions.