Saturday, December 4

Police warning over fake wardens scamming drivers



Police have warned motorists to be on the look out for fake traffic wardens, who have been issuing bogus tickets to steal driver’s bank details.

Action Fraud said it has received 33 reports since January of victims being targeted by criminals dressing up as police officers and traffic wardens then issuing tickets.

The victims, a number of these who are been elderly and vulnerable, are approached while still in their car or at a car park and told they have parked illegally or broken a speed limit.

The fraudster adds that a photo has been taken of their car for evidence.

The good news is they can avoid a bigger fine if they pay a smaller fee now Drivers are then directed to a parking metre and told to enter their card and PIN.

But instead of paying a fine, the card is trapped in the machine while the criminal records the PIN entered.

Head of Action Fraud Pauline Smith said: This is a highly planned fraud that takes advantage of the pressure victims feel to pay the fine, especially by those who are elderly and vulnerable.

It is important that people shield your PIN from view when using an ATM machine. We are urging people to be particularly cautious of anyone claiming to be from an official authority.

If in doubt, verify the person’s identity with your local council or police force. Action fraud has the following advice for people approached by police or traffic wardens:

  • If you are suspicious about the authenticity of the fine, do not pay it until you have verified it with your local council
  • Always shield your PIN from view when using an ATM machine, and never share your PIN with anyone
  • If your bank card is retained by an ATM machine, contact your bank immediately to inform them