Sunday, December 5

Passenger jet bursts into flames after landing in Egypt



A passenger jet carrying 196 people burst into flames just after landing at an airport in Egypt.

The Boeing 737-800 had just landed at Sharm el Sheikh Airport when hydraulic fluid leaked onto the hot brakes of the aircraft.

Flight PQ7153 was taxiing on the runway when the left landing gear burst into flames.

Airport CCTV footage captures the moment the plane comes to a stop and the wheels on the left side of the aircraft turn into a fireball.

Emergency crews were deployed and put out the fire within a few minutes. There were no injuries to the 189 passengers and seven crew members who were safely evacuated.

Flight Global reported that the Egyptian civil aviation ministry praised the “professional” ground service team for stopping the fire from spreading.

The plane is owned by Ukrainian airline SkyUp which was launched in 2016.

Flights from the UK to Sharm el Sheikh have recently been introduced again after the government stopped them in 2015 when a Russian aircraft was bombed shortly after take-off from Sharm el Sheikh, killing everyone on board.