Monday, July 22

We are no longer poor



Prime minister’s son and her ICT Adviser Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed Joy has thanked the Awami League government for its hard work to turn Bangladesh into a lower-middle-income country.

Reiterating her mother’s new target, he hoped Bangladesh would become a higher-middle-income economy by the end of the government’s current tenure.

In a Facebook post, he wrote, “Bangladesh is no longer a poor country. It is now officially a middle-income country.

“Per capita income has more than doubled during the past six years of our government, poverty level almost halved, tremendous development has taken place in all socio-economic sectors.”

Attributing the progress to the efforts of the government, he said, “All thanks to the hard work of our Awami League government.”

World Bank on Wednesday released revised indices which showed Bangladesh had become a lower-middle-income country.

The next day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised her government would do whatever was needed to see Bangladesh move to a higher pitch.

“Bangladesh never wants to stay in the lower tier. It always wants to move higher. So we will do all that is needed to move higher.”

She said the new target was to become a higher-middle-income economy in three years.

Joy wrote in the same lines, saying, “We are just lower-middle-income now, but by the end of this current term of the Awami League we shall become a high-middle-income country, well before our target of the year 2021.”

His dreams are to continue reaching higher. “Next target, a developed country by 2041! Joy Bangla!