Saturday, June 25

Britain braced for torrential storms this weekend as Tropical Storm Henri charges across Atlantic



After a warm and settled spell brought blue skies and sunshine to much of the country to-day things are about to go downhill. Forecasters warn two major storms threaten to crash into the UK next week with rain and wind picking up from tomorrow night.

Swathes of Britain are on alert for severe gales to unleash 70mph gusts with more than double the normal rainfall forecast. A deep low pressure system will be bolstered by the remnants of Tropical Storm Henri cur-rently charging across the Atlantic.

Just days after the Met Office invited the British public to choose autumn storm names next week may see the first getting an airing. Thousands of people took to social media under the hashtag nameourstorms to make sug-gestions ranging from pet names to cultural icons.

It appears to have been a timely exercise with the first autumn battering due on Tuesday followed by another on Thursday. Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel UK, said an especially powerful jet stream “firing on all cylinders” will drive the mayhem.

He said: “Next week will be quite interesting with the jet stream firing on most cylinders across the UK.

“There is the potential for some rapidly deepening depressions crossing the UK with two main storms, one on Tuesday and another on Thursday, perhaps one of them will qualify for a name. “Their tracks and development uncertain just yet, but they have the potential to bring some heavy rain and strong winds with possible gales or severe gales.

“Next week much of the UK can expect 150-250 per cent of normal precipitation so quite a wet week.” The Met Office said Britain is braced for strong winds and heavy rain next week as the remnants of Tropical Storm Henri sweep into Britain.

The storm is currently moving up the coast of the United States before it veers eastwards towards the UK. Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said: “Low pressure will move eastwards across the UK on Saturday bringing rain and some winds, it will also feel cooler.

“Sunday is looking showery and then as we move into next week winds will pick up and it is turning fairly unsettled. “The remnants of tropical depression Henri are then expected to track across the Atlantic towards the UK but at the moment it is uncertain how much of an effect this will have.

“The rest of the week is looking unsettled, though this is not unusual for the time of year.” Weather Network spokesman Richard Chapman said Britain is braced for a “taste of au-tumn” after another fine and sunny day on Friday.

He said: “Get set for another fine day on Friday, the best of the sunshine in the east, but thicker cloud will edge its way eastwards into the west of the UK overnight, setting many of us up for a wetter start to Saturday, although turning drier, fresher and brighter in more southern and western areas later.

“Low pressure is then in control for Sunday with some more rain on the way. “Most of this over Ireland, Wales, western and southern England, but then edging east-wards as the day progresses.

“Then it’s a taste of autumn into the opening days of next week. “Low pressure sits atop the British Isles and showers will be heavy and frequent, as will be longer spells of rain.”