Thursday, December 7

Music of Hason Raja



Film Maker Ruhul Amin has just returned to London after spending three months in Mumbai with the Bollywood Music director Bappi Lahiri.

In their collaboration they have managed to create a unique musical sensation in the history of Bengali music. It is an intricate blend between Western and Indian classical with the added magic of Bengali folk tradition.

While some of the songs are uncompromisingly heart-rending, the others have the earth trembling quality which will definitely rock people.

Ruhul Amin has pushed Bappi Lahiri to pull all the stops out to produce such an unparalleled example in the history of Bengali popular music. The melody and the orchestration stay true to the sentiment of Hason Raja, but re-arrange them in a spectacular way.

All together 11 songs have been recorded and well known artists from Bollywood and Bangladesh participated. From Bollywood Shaan, Abhijeet, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Kavita Krishnamurti and Bappi Lahiri.

From Bangladesh Pantho Kanaim Opi, Onima and Shipol.  Bappi Lahiri and director Ruhul Amin will carried out the final mixing of the tracks at the famous Abbey Road studio in London to achieve the highest quality.

Bollywood mega star Mithun Chakraborty play the lead role in Hason Raja along with Bollywood celebrated star Raima Sen.

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