Wednesday, July 6

11 things about Britain that foreigners get totally wrong



Like every country, Britain has its own culture that’s best experienced firsthand.

But novelties such as the Royal Family and “Downton Abbey” have somewhat skewed perceptions of what Britain and its culture are really like.

So when one Quora user asked, “What are some things foreigners believe about England that the English know are laughably way off?” we couldn’t resist putting together a list of the best answers, as well as some of our own

1. British dentistry isn’t that bad.

Everyone from “The Simpsons” to “Austin Powers” has made reference to Britain’s supposedly disastrous dentistry.

But OECD figures revealed that the average number of missing teeth for a 12-year-old in the UK was 0.7, one of the best ratings in the world. In the US, it was 1.3.

Another study by the OECD, published in The Economist, even found that Brits have some of the healthiest teeth in the world.