Saturday, June 25

SC upholds Mujahid, SQ Chy death penalty: Jamaat calls hartal for Thursday



The Appellate Division has upheld the death penalties for war criminals Ali Ahsan Mujahid and Salaud-din Quader Chowdhury after rejecting their review petitions. The 4-member bench of the apex court, led by the chief justice, gave the order today.

Jamaat-e-Islami has called a day-long countrywide strike for Thursday protesting protesting Supreme Court’s order that upheld death penalty of its secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed on Wednesday.

The court completed hearing on the review petition filed by Mujahid yesterday, and started hearing the review petition filed by of Salauddin today. The International Crimes Tribunal, or ICT-2, which is now defunct, sentenced Mujahid to death on 17th July in 2013.

ICT-1 sentenced Salauddin to death on the 1st October the same year. Both were found guilty of crimes against humanity, including genocide, killing, and rape during the Liberation War in 1971.