Sunday, December 10

Isis poster girl was chained to a radiator by her mother to stop her joining jihadists in Syria



A mother has told of her despair at watching her daughter turn into an Islamic extremist, saying she even chained her to the radiator in their home to stop her fleeing to join Isis in Syria.

Shakhla Bochkaryova, 41, from a small town near Surgut in Russia, told The Siberian Times how she had come to accept that she gave birth to a “monster” after her 20-year-old daughter, Fatima Dzhafarova, became radicalised and ran away.

An intelligent girl who always took pride in her appearance, Fatima had just started studying at university when her Ms Bochkaryova – who comes from a Muslim family – noticed her changing.

Three months into her studies, she stopped speaking to her mother, started covering her head and looked unwell and, in December 2013, Fatima told her mother that she was becoming interested in Islam.

Last April, her mother discovered that she had not been studying at the university for three months and brought her home.

Here, she was visited one day by a man calling himself Abdullah.

Ms Bochkaryova said he looked about 36, but was probably much older.

She told the newspaper that he had three wives, each of whom had three children, and that one of his wives was pregnant again when he arrived to tell Ms Bochkaryova that he wanted to marry Fatima.

“He told me he loved Fatima and she loved him,” she told The Siberian Times.

Infuriating her daughter, the mother refused to allow it. The man was reportedly later identified by police as a jihadist recruiter.

But things were to get worse.

Ms Bochkaryova said: “She told me ‘our brothers will come and kill those like you, infidels. They’ll cut heads with knives. And you know, my heart won’t miss a beat’.”

She said Fatima started wearing a hijab and refused to work because it was a “sin”.

“I looked at her and could no longer see my child. She was simply a shell of my daughter, no soul, no thoughts, no heart,” Ms Bochkaryova added.

The mother chained her daughter to the radiator in their home to prevent her fleeing, but one day she did – by escaping through a bedroom window and climbing into a neighbour’s balcony.

According to the newspaper, Fatima was captured on CCTV at Surgut coach station, from where she went to an airport in Moscow.

She has since travelled to Iraq and Syria.

In recent weeks, Fatima has posted comments supporting the terrorist attacks which have occured this month, saying it was her “brothers who smashed all in Paris”.

“I will simply be beside myself if she takes someone else’s life,” her mother said.

“It’s better not to live than to be the mother of a terrorist. You realise what a monster you gave birth to.”

Ms Bochkaryova added: “If she lives with a recruiter, she already knows too much. They wouldn’t let her leave alive. A bullet, that’s the price of her life.

“As painful as it is, I know I will never see her again.”