Thursday, May 19

Burglars handed themselves in after feeling guilty when wrong person was blamed



Blackpool Magistrates Court (Picture: [copyright]) Two British burglars have handed themselves in after they felt guilty when someone else was wrongly blamed for their crimes.

Blackpool Magistrates Court has heard that Michael Dehal, 28, and Stephen Monaghan, 50, stole £60,000 worth of hair and beauty products from a salon in Poulton.

The two men reportedly told the court that they were never caught and thought that they had managed to get away with committing the offences.

However, they reportedly said that when they found that someone else had been blamed for the theft, they felt pangs of remorse and handed themselves in to clear the wrongly accused person’s name.

Kevin Walker, defending, said: “The defendants went to the police voluntarily and confessed, after hearing someone had been sent for trial over this matter.

“It was a case of honour among thieves.”

The Blackpool Gazette reports that the pair are due to appear for sentencing at Preston Crown Court on 27 January.