Wednesday, December 7

North Korea claims to have invented the world’s first hangover free alcohol



North Korean scientists claim to have invented the world’s first hangover-free alcohol, adding that drinkers love it because it makes them look suave. The liquor is said to have been made from the plant extract ginseng, which Pyongyang officials have previously declared the elixir of life and falsely claimed to be a cure for SARS and Aids.

Called Koryo Liquor, the drink is made at the state-run Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory where scientists have been working for years to replace the alcohol in sugar with burnt rice.

They have now declared the process a success, saying that after years of working on different formulas they have finally stopped the drink being unpalatably bitter – with the added unexpected bonus of the drink being hangover-free.

Koryo Liquor, which is made of six-year-old Kaesong Koryo insam [ginseng], known as being highest in medicinal effect, and the scorched rice, is highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover, the Pyongyang Times reported.

The no hangover claims have been widely ridiculed however, with experts saying there is no way an alcoholic drink could ever not lead to a hangover if enough of it is drunk.

Andray Abrahamian, director of research from Choson Exchange, which supports North Korean entrepreneurs through business, economics and legal knowledge-sharing, questioned the alcohol.

There are some high quality liquors made in North Korea, though in my experience there is no such thing as hangover-free booze anywhere in the world, he told the Guardian.