Monday, July 15

Cameron Begins Post-PM Life With School Run



David Cameron started his first day as a former prime minister by swapping Number 10 Downing Street for one of the country’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

The ex-Conservative leader was pictured in a blue polo shirt and casual jacket, smart jeans and black shoes as he left for the school run on Thursday morning.

He was accompanied by a heavy police presence on the tree-lined street in London’s Notting Hill.

He, his wife Samantha, and their children Nancy, 12, Elwen, 10, and Florence, five, are all believed to be staying at the property for the time being following his resignation on Wednesday.

Mr Cameron was later pictured having a coffee with former chancellor George Osborne, his right-hand man during their time in office.

They were among several members of the so-called “Notting Hill set” of young modernisers who gathered around Michael Howard when he became leader of the Tories in 2003.

Mr Cameron’s first engagement since leaving office was to attend a memorial event honouring two police officers murdered in a gun and grenade attack.

Mr Cameron, who on Wednesday said that serving as the country’s PM had been “the greatest honour” of his life, attended the Police Memorial Trust’s service for PC Fiona Bone, 32, and PC Nicola Hughes, 23.

The two officers were killed by wanted gangster Dale Cregan in September 2012 after being lured to their deaths following a bogus 999 call about a burglary to a house in Hattersley, Greater Manchester.

Mr Cameron said: “I spoke last night outside Number 10 Downing Street for the last time and I spoke about the extraordinary ethic of service in our country particularly our police, our intelligence, our armed forces.

“And so it feels appropriate that while I am no longer Prime Minister, the new Prime Minister asked me to carry out this event and I’m so delighted to do that on her behalf.

“Come hell or high water we know the police are there for us.”