Monday, October 18

Reports of a cyber attack on computers used by Clinton’s campaign



Sources in the Democratic Party, report that there has been a cyber-attack on the party’s computers, including on the computers used by Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton for her presidential campaign. These reports have been denied by Clinton’s headquarters, claiming that Clinton’s cyber experts hadn’t found any evidence of a breach in the system.

Does Clinton have a reason to worry?

Computers used by the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, where hacked, as well as other Democratic Party networks. Party officials deny such claims, stating that external cyber experts were hired and they didn’t find any evidence of a breach in the system.

The US Department of Justice announced that they are investigating the matter. Sources that are involved in the investigation claim that the fact that the Department of Justice National Security Division is investigating means that the Obama administration believes that the attack was made by a state and not an organization.

Trump, claims it was a sarcastic remark

Up to now it has not been clarified what information has been exposed or who is behind the attack. Last Wednesday, Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, called for Russia to hack Clinton’s e-mails.

Last week the FBI has investigated the hack into the Democratic Party’s email system. The hack exposed 20,000 emails that appear to show that party officials preferred the nomination of Clinton than Bernie Sanders and led to the resignation of the Democratic National Committee Chairperson Deborah Wasserman.