Friday, January 21

Bengali neighborhood stabbed to death again



In Tower Hamlets neighbourhood was killed in a stabbing at the front of York hall in nearby known Bethnal green Underground station as London Met Police said.

The 31-year-old man was killed. He was stabbed in the chest, according to the ambulance service. The deceased person’s family has been informed about the incident. After the autopsy, the deceased will be released formally known, police said.

According to the same sources, the boxing event held in New York on Friday night, killing is believed to have occurred. Boxing Hall during an argument between the two groups has stared fighting in Audience gallery.

After approximately 10.35pm minutes on the night of the stabbing incident took place in front of the underground station, police said.

Police suspected that the boxing event on Friday night who has been killed came to see the event in person, or in the event that might have occurred tracing stabbing suspect, police said.

The police asked about the incident information from local resident or any witness who seen . If you know any information about somebody called to inform the police.

However, the ambulance came and found the injured person in between Bethnal green underground station and across the road at the junction old ford road.

The person was rescued by a local hospital and around 11.40pm minutes has died in Hospital, as Met Police said.

A condition of anonymity, said the boxing event organizer, black hall in the centre of the dispute is a woman in the group. The stabbing occurred outside the group, he might have expected.