Tuesday, July 16

I’ve Only Eaten Meat and Cheese for 7 Years And Lost 130 Pounds Doing It



My mom never struggled with weight. She has always had an incredible figure, so she didn’t really think about sugar or fat when she fed us kids.

Like most parents in the ’80s, it just wasn’t on her radar, but it did start to affect me. By the end of middle school, I considered myself heavy. And while most people experience the freshman 15 in college, I gained more like the freshman 50.

I tried every diet imaginable. I would starve myself down and then regain twice as much. I tried a diet of only pickles. I tried to see how many days I could go without eating solid food.

I tried all kinds of nutty stuff. I also did regular things, like cutting calories and exercising, but I could never stay not-fat.

© Provided by Good Housekeeping When I got married in 2002, my wedding dress was a size 22/24. Thankfully, I know that my husband really loves me – it’s not just for how I look now because back then I weighed 240 pounds and the weight kept piling on. By 2005, I carried 262 pounds on my 5-foot-nine-inch frame.

I started noticing abscesses on my legs and went through multiple staph infections. My doctor said he could “almost guarantee” that my issues would go away if I cut carbs out of my diet and handed me a brochure.

It listed all carbohydrate-heavy foods on the front, which was everything I loved to eat donuts and bagels and pastas. On the back was a list of non-carbs, and I was supposed to eat only from that list. I thought, I’ll try.