Wednesday, May 25

Booze capital of England and Wales revealed with an off-licence for every 500 people



The borough of Waltham Forest, which covers Walthamstow and surround areas, has an astonishing 543 off-licences covering a population of 271,170.

That works our as one ‘offie’ for every 499 people – more than twice the national average of one per 1,044 people.

The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, include those places which can only sell alcohol for consumption off-site.

That means pubs and clubs are not counted.

The second booziest place might come as something as a surprise – it is Fenland in Cambridgeshire.

The leafy district – to the east of Peterborough – may not be a renowned party hot-spot but has a total of 169 off-licences, or one for every 587 people who live there.

Third is Hackney, with one off-licence for every 650 people, while fourth is Wolverhampton, with one for every 678.

Boston in Lincolnshire comes next, with one off-licence for every 683 people.

© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: Alamy The rest of the top 10 features Hammersmith and Fulham (one for every 687 people), Islington (one for every 690 people), Brighton and Hove (one for every 691 people), Lewisham (one for every 705 people), and Camden (one for every 713 people).

That means six of the booziest 10 areas are in London – although it might seem surprising people there have so much money left for alcohol after paying their rent.

The least boozy place in the country is West Oxfordshire, which has just 28 off-licences covering a population of 108,611.

That works out as one offie for every 3,879 people.

West Oxfordshire contains the parliamentary constituency of Witney – which was, until recently, represented by former prime minister David Cameron.

© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc

Mr Cameron, who famously admitted he ‘often’ drank alcohol after work, now has much more free time to search out those elusive off-licences of West Oxfordshire.

Across England and Wales as a whole, the figures show, there were 49,199 off-licences at the end of March this year.


Council area – one off-licence per X people

1. Waltham Forest – 499

2. Fenland – 587

3. Hackney – 650

4. Wolverhampton – 678

5. Boston – 683

6. Hammersmith and Fulham – 687

7. Islington – 690

8. Brighton and Hove – 691

9. Lewisham – 705

10. Camden – 713


Council area – one off-licence per X people

1. West Oxfordshire – 3879

2. Gosport – 3528

3. North Hertfordshire – 2533

4. Fareham – 2392

5. Woking – 2368

6. Mole Valley – 2266

7. Bracknell Forest – 2163

8. Horsham – 1969

9. Tameside – 1962

10. Eastleigh – 1955